40m Eastern/Central Net


40 meter 7.191 MHz  Eastern/Central Daily Nets 
DAY 0700 HRS Eastern 0800 HRS Eastern

Rob, N0ROB – QTH: Craig, Nebraska

Dwight W8TJT- QTH: Zanesville, Ohio

John, W4CCQ
John, W4CCQ – QTH: Helena, Alabama

Fred, WK1F
Fred, WK1F – QTH: Yulee, Florida

Richard, AJ4UX
Richard, AJ4UX – QTH: Salisbury, North Carolina

Jim, W8MQ – QTH: Oregon, Illinois

Mike, K4ZEA – QTH: Melbourne, Florida

Sonny, N4FOH
Sonny, N4FOH – QTH: Sunset, South Carolina

Sam, WA4ICK QTH: Signal Mountain, TN

Jim, N5RTG – QTH: Fleetwood NC 
Palm Bay, Florida
George LilleyGeorge, KL7IEK – QTH: Warner Robins, Georgia
SATURDAY Dave, AG4K QTH: Tallahassee, Florida

K4HEW, Joe – QTH: Clayton, North Carolina


40 meter 7.191 MHz Eastern/Central
Substitute Nets Controllers
Garry, W8OIGarry. W8OI – QTH: Huntington, West Virginia kf4zxc-150John, KF4ZXC – QTH: Palm Bay, Florida

2024 Weekend Eastern/Central Net Suspensions
As per our policy, we temporarily suspend net operations when there are MAJOR SSB contests on 40. Follows is a list of said suspensions for the balance of 2022-2023.
1. ARRL Field Day: 6/23 1800 UTC until 6/24 2059 UTC net suspension is SUNDAY ONLY
2. IARU HF Worldwide Championship: 7/13 1200 UTC until 7/14 1159 UTC
3. CQ Worldwide: 10/26 0000 UTC until 10/27 2359 UTC **
4. ARRL Sweeps: 11/16 2100 UTC until 11/18 0259 UTC
** As CQ seems to be experiencing a bit of a hard time, having not published a paper magazine since August, 2021 we will stay on top of their validity and amend or delete this as necessary.
Your understanding is appreciated.
Director, Eastern/Central RV Service Net

updated 21 April  2024 – Comments? Questions? Updates?