Preamble for Rocky Mountain

Preamble for 40-Meter Rocky Mountain Airstream Club RV Service Net

Good morning, this is: (Your name), (Your Call), your NET CONTROL Station for the Rocky Mountain International Recreational Vehicle Service Net. This Net operates at or near the Frequency of 7.184 BEGINNING WITH THE EARLY BIRD  CHECK IN AT 6:30 AM AND THEN CONTINUING UNTIL 8:00 AM MOUNTAIN TIME  ZONE, MONDAY THRU FRIDAY.

This Net is one of FOUR sponsored by the Airstream Club International, primary for its NET Members, but all appropriately licensed Amateurs, RV Owners and their friends are Invited to check in. 

You can find us on the Web Site at where you can Download an application and a list of other net times and frequencies. We encourage you to join the club and check into the other RV Service Nets. We are always in need of Net Control Operators. If you are interested in helping out, please let us know. You would enjoy it and will be a great help.

I am located in   _____________ (Your City) , __________ (Your State) where the  weather at my location is __________.

Again, my call is ____ (Your call.)

Do we have any Emergency or Priority Traffic? (pause) Do we have any Mobiles in motion or Short Timers? (pause) Do we have any Regular check ins? (pause)

Closing Announcement:

This has been the Rocky Mountain Recreational Vehicle Service Net, Sponsored by the Amateur Radio Club for the Airstream  Club International. This net operates from 6:30 AM to 8:00 AM  Mountain Time, Monday through Friday on 7.184 MHZ.

This is ______________(Your Name) ____________ (Your Call) ____ Net control for the Rocky Mountain Net, saying 73’s and turning the frequency  over to normal use.


Other 40-meter Nets:

Pacific Coast 40-meter Net: Monday – Friday   Freq: 7.2685 MHz. Times: 0900-1000 PT with early checkin starting at 0830 PT

Eastern/Central 40-meter Net: Everyday   Freq:   7.191 MHz  Time: 0700 – 0900 ET

RV Service Net on EchoLink: FMCA ARC Node on Wednesdays at 6 p.m. Mountain Time

Updated  12 July 2024 – Comments? Questions? Updates?