2023 VE Session

VE (Volunteer Examiner) Session Info – 2023

FCC Ham License Exam Test Session – Thursday, 6/29/2023, 0900-1200h, Exhibit Hall West, Sweetwater Events Center, Rock Springs WY.  Contact Jim N5RTG by txt @704.430.9192 or email nfivertg@gmail.com if questions.  

You’ll need a few things as follows:

– Picture identification card;

– FCC registration number (FRN, apps.fcc.gov/cores/userLogin.do   then create an account. It’s free)

– $15 cash or check covers the ARRL test fee;

– A couple of sharp pencils and a pen;

– A simple non-programmable calculator may be helpful;  and 

– A piece of blank paper if you want to do any figuring. 

(More info about what to bring is available at www.arrl.org/what-to-bring-to-an-exam-session)

The test isn’t long. If you pass your exam and want to, then you may also take the exam for next level up at no extra cost to you. You may pass it too!  Even if you don’t it gives you a chance to see what it’s like. Up to you, just an option. 

updated 29 May 2023 – Comments? Questions? Updates?