EchoLink RV Service Net


EchoLink RV Service Net – Wednesdays at 8 p.m. (Eastern) on the “FMCA-ARC” EchoLink Node (node number 522547)
What is EchoLink? Echolink software allows license Amateur Radio operators to communicate using streaming audio technology. There are apps for both iPhones and Androids that will turn your smartphone into an Amateur Radio device.
How do I get on EchoLink? Echolink connects to both “over-the-air” repeaters and Internet nodes. Since users can create actual RF signals over select Amateur Radio repeaters, any potential users must have their license credentials validated by the EchoLink organization. Please visit to start that process.It is free and not difficult to validate your credentials with EchoLink.
How do I download the EchoLink APP to my smartphone? Search for the EchoLink app in the Apple APP Store for iPhones and iPads or the Google Play Store for Android devices.
Who can participate in the EchoLink RV Service Net? Any Amateur Radio Operator having earned a license class of Technician or higher from the Federal Communications Commission or the Amateur Radio Operator Certificate with the Basic Qualification from the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Department in Canada is permitted to check into the RV Service Net on EchoLink.
How do I find the FMCA ARC Node when using the EchoLink APP? You may either enter the node number (522547) in your app or use the SEARCH window in the EchoLink app. Simply search for FMCA and you will see the node. Click on the node then tap on CONNECT to direct your smartphone to that node.You should be able to hear the EchoLink RV Service Net and you can click on the TRANSMIT icon when you want to join the conversation.
Who are the EchoLink RV Service Net controllers? Net controller duties are currently being shared among:

Jim Johnson (WW7N)


Stan Patterson (KK4PF)


Bob Caldwell

Contact Jim Johnson (WW7N) to volunteer as an EchoLink RV Service Net controller.

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