Gareth (Lindy) Linder (W1ACL) and Don Benham (KE4AG) – Silent Keys

Lindy Linder (W1ACL) and Don Benham (KE4AG) have passed away. Both were Life Members in the Amateur Radio Club of the WBCCI.

Garry Ritchie (W8OI) said this about Lindy:

When I became director of nets for the WBCCI RV Service Nets, Lindy was net manager of an 80 meters RV Service Net that met once a week on Sunday mornings at 7:30 eastern time and primarily served the northeastern US and Canada..  When he quit running that net in 2009 he had been serving in that role for more than four decades.  We had to close that net when he stepped down because we could find no one else to take over.

Gareth “Lindy” Linder was one of the most loyal net managers/net controllers WBCCI could ever hope to find.  I never met him in person but I surely appreciated him much.

Don Benham (KE4AG) served as President of the ARC if the WBCCI from 1987 to 1988. Don was also a trustee of the Club’s amateur radio call sign, WB8RC. Don served in the United States Army and was a Bronze Star recipient.

Our heartfelt condolences to Lindy’s and Don’s families.
Posted  21 January 2018 – Comments? Questions? Updates?