Family Memberships Now Available

Ernie (N4AEW)
Ernie Bauer N4AEW

RV Service Net/ARC Treasurer Ernie Bauer (N4AEW) announced that several changes in membership to the RV Service Nets/Amateur Radio Club of the WBCCI started on August 1, 2023. These include:

  • Family Memberships when both spouses are licensed
  • Discounts for multiyear memberships
  • Airstream Club (WBCCI) members can renew their ARC WBCCI/RV Service Net memberships while paying their Airstream Club’s dues by clicking on “Join Intra-Club.” (RV Service Net members who are not concurrently members of the Airstream Club will continue renewing their memberships through this Website.)

The membership forms on this Website have more information about family memberships and multiyear discounts.

Posted  1 August 2023 – Comments? Questions? Updates?