Eastern/Central 40m Net new frequency 7192 KHz

To move the RV Service Net’s frequency to get away from foreign broadcasting,

The new frequency will be 7192 KHz.

We will begin on the new frequency this Saturday, October 24.

Write down the new frequency and to remember that starting Saturday we will be on 7192 KHz and will no longer be on 7230.

Here are some things you will find (hopefully) about our new frequency’s neighborhood.  There is a County Hunter’s net on 7188 which is far enough below us that we should not cause each other trouble.  The NorthCars net operates at 7197.  And a religious group holds an informal net at 7194, but they start up at 9 a.m. eastern, just as we are ending.

Otherwise all the ham activities that we seem to have heard in a couple of weeks of listening are ragchew QSOs, none of which have started before our early net goes on.

We have also had reports of a relatively weak heterodyne on or near our new frequency.  One net controller reported some local noises around our new frequency, which were not anything comparable to the foreign broadcast din that we live with on our old frequency.  At my QTH I have heard none of these noises.

This move may cause some confusion.  Hopefully we will hear many more compliments as our check-in stations experience a frequency much freer of interference.

Garry, W8OI

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