New “PRB-1” Law Now in Effect in Ohio


ARRL Bulletin 11 ARLB011, From ARRL Headquarters, Newington CT May 17, 2012

To all radio amateurs

On May 15, Ohio Governor John Kasich signed a bill into law granting

comprehensive rights to Amateur Radio operators in that state.

Several key players in the successful effort to enact a “PRB-1” law

in Ohio were present for the signing, including Section Manager

Frank J. Piper, KI8GW; Rick Swain, KK8O; Bill Carpenter, AA8EY;

Steve Katz, N8WL, and Constance Barsky, WD8ODC. ARRL Great Lakes

Division Director James Weaver, K8JE, was also at the signing.


Ohio SM Frank Piper provided some background:


“In the past three years, we have had four versions of this bill in

the Ohio Statehouse. In the last State Assembly, these bills died in

Committee. In this current Assembly, everything lined up for us, and

House Bill 158 made the entire journey from Introduction to the

Governor Kasich’s signature.


“We had to make a few revisions to HB 158 during its travels through

committee hearings, but in the end we finished with an Act that

places the full language of CFR 47, Part 97.15 into the Ohio Revised

Code. In addition, language at the end of the law states: ‘Any

legislative authority that denies an application for approval of an

amateur station antenna structure shall state the reasons for the

denial and shall, on appeal, bear the burden of proving that the

authority’s actions are consistent with this section.’ This language

removes the burden of proof from the Amateur Radio operator and

places it on the legislative authority.


“State Government Liaison Nick Pittner, K8NAP, did a tremendous job

over the past several years, staying on top of the status of bills

that were running their course on both sides of the Statehouse. Nick

knew when to call in key people to testify to Committees, and was

instrumental in the process of negotiating the required revisions

when requested.


“My thanks go out to all the Amateur Radio operators in the Ohio

Section who called, wrote and e-mailed their State Representatives

and Senators to support this legislation. Without their grass roots

work, this victory would not have been possible.”


[Thanks to ARRL website for ARRL Bulletin 11 ARLB011, repeated here in its entirety]