Annual Election of Officers

Your dues (for those paying year-by-year) expire Jun 30 each year.  And so go also the terms of office for our club’s elected officers.  Their terms of office ended Jun 30 this year.  We have a general meeting of the WBCCI Amateur Radio Club at the WBCCI Annual International Rally each year and elect officers for the new year.

This year we again have a full slate of officers to direct and manage affairs of this great radio club.  Thanks to the elected and the Ex Officio officers who pledged to serve our radio club for 2011 – 2012.  A special thanks to Jack aa8q for serving the past two years as our Secretary-Treasurer.

Jack has served in every leadership position in our club and for many years.  We appreciate his dedication and hard work and the example he has provided in service to hams across the continent.  Fortunately for the club Jack will continue as ARRL Liaison, especially valuable to the club since Jack has many years contacts with ARRL leaders.

Garry w80i serves tirelessly and with booming signal as our National Director of Nets.  He continually brings up new ideas and tweaks for the nets, listening to the net control stations and net managers for their suggestions.  We appreciate Garry’s continued service in this key position.

Thanks to the new officers, thank you to Ron W7EEC for stepping up as 3rd Vice-President this year and Faith W7IRY for accepting the Recording Secretary position.  I could go on and on and on — so many of you contribute in so many ways and we appreciate it.  I’ll close by saying, “Thank You”.

You can see the new officers listing here.   Please take a minute and email these folks if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns.

Vaughn N7ODT