RV Service Net/ARC WBCCI Club station open at the Airstream Club’s International Rally

The blue building is the ham shack. The gray building behind it is the “ham social room.”

Here are some photos of the 2023 WB8RC ham station at the Airstream Club’s International Rally in Rock Springs, Wyoming.

We have an excellent site for WB8RC thanks to the planning of Jim N5RTG and approval by Eric AA6EM.  It is located next to the pavilions where meetings are held, the vac tent, and the food trucks.

With the assistance of the Sweetwater Events staff erection of the HF  antenna went very quickly. The station is now on the air and will attempt to check in to the various RV service nets.  Many thanks to all who helped with this project.

L-R  Bob VA6RV, Jim N5RTG, Jeff N5YEI, Robert KW4DT. Setting up the HF radio to check in to the RV Service Nets from the 2023 WBCCI International Rally.

N5YEI programming, the 2 m  radio. Sometimes you just have to read the manual. N5RTG is helping.

Posted  21 June 2023 – Comments? Questions? Updates?