Glacier Waterton International Hamfest

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Glacier-Waterton International Peace Park Hamfest
“Oldest continuous running hamfest in the world”

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77 years! July 15-17, 2011 – Always the third full weekend in July!

You can still register for the 77th annual Glacier Waterton International Hamfest.  Registrations received before June 15 include ALL prize draws & Sunday Breakfast burrito.

The W7G call sign has been reserved for the station, and it looks like HRO and will be there!

Remember to e-mail, or call the campground to CONFIRM your reservation. 

All information available here:


George Forsyth AA7GS
212 Skyline Drive N.E. (home)
Great Falls, Montana  59404

Cascade County (Montana) Emergency Coordinator
Montana DES Dist. 2 Emergency Coordinator
Amateur Radio Emergency Services