Dues are due!

Jack AA8Q, our club’s treasurer, asked your newsletter editor (n5rtg, me) to include this article in the May edition of the Bulletin.  I didn’t disobey, I just forgot it.  Pretty bad stuff, so I am publicly sharing my embarrassment for the omission.  And I am reprinting his article so you can see it.  Enjoy!


Spring is just around the corner and the past winter season was an enjoyable time for those of us who head south to escape the “nasty” white stuff.  Once again Marge (WD8DSN) and I spent a good part of the winter in Miami. It’s interesting to note that we seem to spend more time with friends from home in our Miami campground QTH than when we are home in Ohio.  The regulars include K8KOT, KD8KOT; W0HM, KA0VBG; W8ACT, KD8CHD and AA8Q, WD8DSN.  We also enjoyed a short stay from K0QMR, WA0HIE.  Of course the usual travel in February to the Orlando HamCation get-together and the Airstream Florida State Rally in Sarasota have become regular events on our winter schedule.

The Orlando HamCation was well attended and our informal rally gave many of us an opportunity to “put a face” with the voice and call we hear on our daily nets.  I know of a few equipment changes/additions that became a reality at the show.  The afternoon “happy hour” within the group was a regular happening even though the temperatures may have been a little cool.  Good friends and food seem to bring out the best in a gathering such as HamCation get-together!  A big “thank you” to all the folks who helped make the gathering a success.  For those who didn’t make it to Orlando this year – you were missed and the 2012 HamCation should be on your schedule.

The Airstream Florida State rally in Sarasota enjoyed the great February weather this year.  Fred, K0QMR, gave an interesting “Intro to Amateur Radio” seminar that was well attended.  We definitely do have folks out there who are looking for information about our hobby.  If you have the opportunity, spend a few minutes to plan a seminar and “they will come”!  Once again we had a license testing session and we gained one new Technician and one upgrade to Extra class.

Remember “dues are due” on July 1st for the 2012 year.  I understand that there has been some question about the club membership year.  A few days ago I was wrestling with the membership database structure and I want to thank Charlie,  W8ACT, for his help in finally resolving the problem.

The top line on your bulletin mailing label now reads MEMBERSHIP THRU JUNE 20xx.  The club membership list is growing, albeit a little slow, but we are an active club!  Our club’s ability to sustain the costs of printing and mailing the bulletin depends entirely upon dues.  Our daily net “check-ins” show an active group.  Everyone – member or non-member – is welcome to our nets, but let’s encourage joining the club and really boost our hobby.

– AA8Q –